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Software Development




With CT-Expo we have released in 2001 a novel tool for dose evaluation in CT that exceeds by far the functionality of standard CT dose software. Regular updates, with improved features and new scanner models recently introduced into the market, keep this tool up-to-date.

A comprehensive description of the CT-Expo software and its applicability has been published in the December 2002 issue of RoeFo. Results of a verification study on this software can be found in the July 2004 issue of European Radiology. A presentation on "Software for Dose Assessment in Computed Tomography" including topics such as specifications and accuracy issues can be downloaded here.

A demo version, with limited scanner spectrum but full functionality, can be downloaded here. The currently available version v2.5 can be obtained at a reasonable price from our partner Dr. G. Stamm (info).

In February 2012 we have released an iOS app (CT-Expo 'Light 'Pro) allowing the calculation of organ and effective doses simply from input of CTDIvol and DLP. This was followed in January 2013 by a less expensive version (CT-Expo 'Easy'). We regret very much that both apps are no longer available on Apple's iTunes AppStore. The reason is that the conditions imposed by Apple were no longer acceptable to us. As there is no alternative to distribute this software we decided to withdraw both apps. The key functionality offered by CT-Expo 'Light 'Pro, however, has been preserved in CT-Expo (module 'Light').