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2018-12-04    Article 'Current Exposure Practice with Multislice CT' available under Downloads

2018-12-04    Article 'Multislice CT Technology' available under Downloads

2018-03-01    Book chapter 'CT Parameters the Influence the Radiation Dose' replaced in Downloads

                    by corrected version (conversion factors to assess effective dose from DLP)

2018-01-24    New topic 'Asbestos' established under Downloads

2018-01-24    Protocol recommendations for low-dose chest CT exams available under Downloads

2018-01-24    Coverage 'Canari - the white inferno' available under Downloads

2018-01-24    Congress abstract P. G. Natali 'A Deadly Asbestos Family Saga' available under Downloads

2018-01-24    Info for presentation P. G. Natali 'A Deadly Asbestos Family Saga' available under Downloads

2017-08-19    New demo version for dose evaluation software CT-Expo v2.5 available under Downloads

2017-07-02    Info for publication 'Current CT practice in Germany: Results and implications of nationwide survey' available under Downloads

2017-03-11    Info for UNSCEAR 2013 report available under Downloads

2017-03-02    Info for updated dose evaluation software CT-Expo v2.5 available under Downloads

2017-03-02    iOS apps 'CT-Expo Light Pro' and 'CT-Expo Easy' no longer available in iTunes App Store

2016-06-26    Handout of presentation ‚Organ Dose Assessment in CT' available under Downloads

2015-10-20    Info for updated dose evaluation software CT-Expo v2.4 available under Downloads

2015-10-20    Handout of presentation 'Dosimetric Issues with CT Scanners Beyond 64 Rows' available under Downloads